GMT Watches: Find All The Answers To Your Questions Raise On Your Heart!

Some inventions are everlasting because of their simplicity, usefulness, and design. GMT Watches being invented in the 1950s have been a popular choice for almost 7 decades.

Yet, it is amongst the favorite choices when it comes wrist watches. Being introduced by none other than Roles and Pan Am Airlines, it has been a favorite since its first release. However, what’s the catch behind the popularity?

In this article, we will dive into every detail of GMT on a watch and help you decide whether or not are they worth it. Is it its durability, features, or evergreen design? Follow this article to find all the answers to the questions raised in your heart about GMT Watches!

What is GMT on a Watch?

GMT watch

The term GMT means Greenwich Mean Time; it’s a time zone officially used in nations in Africa and Europe. Keeping track of time on both scales 1-12 and 0-24 is important in many nations. This is why GMT watches are so useful when it comes to keeping track of time.

Although the watch was created to aid in ship exploration, it is very useful in the modern era too. Especially the wristwatch is very useful for businesses that have foreign clients, frequent travelers, and commuters who decide to follow only one-time zone.

How is GMT Measured?

The measurement of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is solely based on the Earth’s 0-degree line of meridian and longitude. It is also known as the longitude’s mean solar time because of the measurement.

In the meridian zones, GMT is highly used because of the unconventional timing. The universal time zone helps people to stay on track with its both 12 hours and 24 hours timescale. GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time, which according to the Royal Observatory in London is the “zero hours” standard.

To get your local time as you travel around the world, you either add or remove hours.

Why Are GMT Watches So Popular?

The primary reason behind its popularity is how the watch guides travelers to stay on time just through a simple design. Secondly, through a GMT watch, it is also easy to adjust to new timing after traveling.

Other than this, the simple and sturdy craft behind most GMT watches proves how versatile and useful they can be from time to time. The distinctive outlook with a strong mechanism inside is what makes GMT watches a trend in every era.

Currently, there are many hybrids of GMT watches too. Many people may love hunting, fishing, and hiking where GPS is very important. If you are looking for the best GPS watches for hunting or the best GPS watch for fishing, you can find them in GMT watches.

Overall, the versatile design of GMT watches also allows them to cope with modern technologies. It is the blend of versatility, sturdiness, simplicity, usefulness, and agelessness of the watch that makes it so popular.

Is a GMT Watch Worth it?

The usefulness and worth of a thing depend on the person using it. Thus, the GMT is currently specially designed for frequent travelers to keep the track of time. However, even for people who don’t travel frequently, it can be worth it.

Firstly, the heavy and elegant design of most GMT watches is eye-catching and is considered an elegant trend. The functions within the watches are very straight forward and without any complexion, a user can get what it has to offer.

Last but not least, GMT watches can be found in various price ranges. So, it allows people of all budgets to go for a watch that provides two time zones with 1-12 and 0-24 timescale.

To make a GMT Watch worthwhile it is important to set it correctly too. The bezel should be positioned at 12 o’clock to start setting a GMT with a static GMT hand. The GMT hand will be in line with the time right now.

Depending on where you are concerned about your time zone, you would turn the bezel (the bezel is a part of a watch both for the wrist and pocket) either left or right to tell the time in a different city. You would turn the bezel in a clockwise direction if the second time zone is behind. You would turn the bezel the other way if the time zone was ahead.

How Many GMT watches Does Rolex Make a Year?

Rolex (read – why Rolex watches are so expensive) doesn’t make GMT watches anymore. Rolex GMT Master II LN was the last line of GMT watches by them and it was discontinued after 2018. Rolex is currently more focused on making its watch more elegant, precise, and reliable for the upcoming era.

However, for GMT zone lovers, there still are many companies that are crafting GMT watches. Some of the renowned manufacturers of GMT watches are Zodiac, Oris, Seiko, Sinn, and Longlines. Grand Seiko is an elegant series of GMT watches that resemble old Rolex GMT watches.


GMT watches come with a bundle of features within just a smart and simple design. The universal timing is useful and overall it can be a great fit for most travelers.

Being an evergreen design, it can fit in with any trend, making it an ideal addition to your outfit. So, if you are looking for a durable watch with a bunch of useful features, GMT watches can be your ideal choice!

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