Most Common Questions People Often Asked About Garmin Watch

You can’t ignore Garmin if you’re thinking about purchasing a fitness watch. Garmin is a well-known company with expertise in GPS technology. Their extensive selection has whatever you need, including the cheapest running watches, mid-range watches for tracking daily activities, and watches designed specifically for pilots and mariners.

But before you buy something, you might have some perplexing questions. If so, you are in the proper location.

We are going to help you do a Ph.D. on Garmin wearables, by answering the most common questions people want to know about Garmin watches throughout this article.

Most Frequently Asked Question Regarding Garmin Watch

Garmin Watch
Garmin Watch

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 queries people have about Garmin watches. To dispel your doubts, continue reading.

How Long Do Garmin Watches Last?

You must have a sizable budget if you want to purchase a Garmin smartwatch. because no Garmin watch is regarded as being inexpensive.

Now, your first question will regard how long your Garmin watch will last as you invest this large sum of money. You’ll be relieved to learn that a Garmin watch will be useful to you for a long time and be a good investment.

About the total lifespan of a Garmin watch, most of the internal components of a Garmin watch will serve well for more than seven years. Day by day more improvement is being added to their devices.

Newer technology and a higher price are bringing longer-lasting watches. Safe and careful use also adds more life to a device. Many users reported they have been using some watches for decades. 

However, most Garmin watches rely on their battery life. Batteries have separate lifespans. Some users reported that those batteries will easily take in up to 500 charges. It may lose its efficiency after this certain cycle but it can still last 5000 cycles.

Well, this amount(500/5000) will depend on the quality of the battery used. The more expensive a battery, the more powerful unit is used in it. Most farm-in watches don’t have the feature of a replaceable battery. So, once the battery reaches its life end the watch will also become useless. 

But, don’t worry! I think its service time will satisfy you before that.

Where Are Garmin Watches Made?

All the Garmin watches are made by the company itself. This global company has various offices in both Asia and Europe. 

Garmin Watch

They also operate multiple manufacturing facilities located in Taiwan, China, Poland, the Netherlands, and the USA.

From the very initial stage of product development to the mass production of shelf-ready units, all the design, marketing, and manufacturing processes are made in their house. Thus they maintain a high-quality standard. And respond to the ever-changing marketplace.

Most of the facilities are located in Taiwan. There are 4 Garmin facilities in Taiwan. And they are located in 

  1. Xizhi
  2. Jhongli
  3. Linkou
  4. Xinshi.

And probably because of this reason it is often said that most of the farm watches are made in Taiwan. 

However, A manufacturing facility of the Garmin watch is located in Yangzhou, east China. And it is the only one which is located in mainland China. 

Some other Garmin watches are made in the USA. The two manufacturing facilities in the USA are located in Olathe, Kansas, and Salem, Oregon. 

Where Can I Buy Garmin Watches?

A large network of independent retailers, dealers, and distributors sells Garmin watches worldwide. 

You can also buy these watches online directly from Garmin’s online store and also other channels including Amazon. Approximately, 10-15% of Garmin’s net sales are operated through Amazon. 

Should You Wear Garmin Watches While Sleeping?

If you are comfortable wearing your Garmin smartwatch while sleeping and can get used to it then consider yourself lucky. Because there are a lot of features in the Garmin smartwatch which work better while you wear it to sleep. 

A lot of activities going on in the human body while sleeping. Such as, the connections between brain cells are reorganized. Cells are repaired, energy levels are released and other significant activities go through sleeping phases.

So, to ensure well tracking of the body activities you need to wear your watch to sleep.

Here I mention some of the features affected by sleep. 

●     Sleep Score:

While you wear your Garmin smartwatch to sleep you will find a review of your sleep score. Sleep is crucial to maintain your physical and mental health. Poor sleeping rates may cause high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Now, you might want to monitor how well you slept during the night. This way you can adjust your bedtime, caffeine intake, and other activities accordingly. 

●      Resting Heart Rate: 

Get in smartwatches that have heart rate sensor technology. Which counts your heart rate during the day. A green light indicator is located at the back of the device. Which keeps detecting your heart rate. 

If you keep wearing the device during resting time, you can easily count your resting heart rate (RHR).  The lower RHR reflects cardiorespiratory fitness, quality sleep, and low stress. Which assures you of your good health.

●     Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Status: 

There is a certain length of time during each heartbeat which varies from person to person. As these changes are regulated by your nervous system, they indicate significant information about one’s health. They reflect how your body is responding to stress.

However, this analysis is quite a slow process so you need to wear the watch to sleep to get more clear results.

●    Energy Monitoring

An awesome feature is included in Garmin smartwatches. You can measure your body battery with this unique feature. Which is a reflection of your physical activity, stress, rest, and sleep.

This way you will be able to understand if you are ready to go to work or if you just need a good rest. But leaving your watch on the table during sleep will not allow you to enjoy this wonderful service effectively. Rather you should keep wearing it to sleep. 

●    Real-Time Stamina 

This incredible feature describes how eligible you are to go on into your current activity level. The watch uses your physical metrics and recent as long as longer-term activity history and fitness level to show your real-time stamina. 

Not only those features but also other significant features like training readiness, daily suggested workouts, recovery time, pulse OX, etc. Are also included in Garmin watches. 

I don’t believe you can avoid your Garmin watch while sleeping after discovering these astonishing features. You have seen that by simply leaving your Garmin watch on while you sleep, you can learn a lot about your physical data without exerting any further effort.

Are Garmin Watches Waterproof?

If you look deeper into the matter then almost no manufacturer rates their watch as waterproof because the term waterproof refers to preventing any water from leaking into the device. And water resistance refers to how deep and long a watch can remain underwater.

Garmin has made most of its watches with a water resistance of 5 ATM. It means they can resist water in depths up to 50 meters. So, you can easily go swimming with this watch in a pool or a river.

However, more expensive Garmin models reach a water resistance standard of up to 10 ATMs. This is why many Garmin watches hit the 1st ranking of best GPS watches for fishing.

What Batteries Do Garmin Watches Use?

Garmin watches use improved and innovatively designed batteries. These batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Because of their high quality, you may hardly face battery failure.

How Do I Check My Garmin Battery Health?

You can check your battery health by keeping a log of changes in battery percentage depending on your usage. You can also keep a discharge log of your battery with an average of non-GPS(Know more about GPS watches) activities per day. 

There is a feature named MyBattery in your watch which keeps tab on your current battery usage and expected battery life with remaining charge. 

You will find a widget in the Garmin app store. It will monitor your battery status automatically.

Tap on the screen to view your watch’s charge information. The second view will show you discharge rates and the third view provides days per change. This way you can check your battery status. 

See this video to check Garmin watch battery %

Can You Replace a Battery on Garmin?

Most Garmin watches use lithium-ion batteries which are not user replaceable. However, if you face power-related problems you may follow some common troubleshooting steps which can bring solutions to your problem.

Very few of the Garmin watches have the feature of a replaceable battery. You can check if your watch has this feature or not by looking into the manual or the side or the back of the watch. If the GPS unit comes with a replaceable battery then it must have a battery cover lock that can be unscrewed.

Is it OK to leave Garmin charging overnight?

Before we answer this question, we will ask a question first. Can you overcharge a Garmin watch?

No, despite you leaving the charger connected, the inherent technology automatically switches off power when the battery is fully charged.

Therefore, overcharging is not possible. Consequently, charging it overnight neither impacts battery life nor promotes battery drain.

Can you charge Garmin while wet?

Yes, a Garmin watch can be plugged in to charge while it is wet as the charging port is sealed to prevent water intrusion. So, there is no risk to charge your device while wet. But as a precaution, you should wipe the remaining water with a towel and dry the outside and charger port area of your watch as far as you can. 

Final Words

Garmin is continuously bringing top-notch GPS wearables that help users with health, fitness, pursuits, and daily affairs directly from their wrists. Chances are you’re attracted to them. Hence, we’ve got you covered with the most common questions people ask about Garmin watches.